7 Baptisms and a Sweet “Mother-Daughter” Reunion

This past Saturday my companion and I got to be a part of 7 people’s baptisms! It was such an awesome day. In the afternoon we spoke at a baptism here in Rio Grande for two kids from a family that have recently come back to church and for their sister’s boyfriend who the elders have been teaching. In the morning we went to the Ramos family’s baptism and that was very cool. They live in the first area I served in out here. It was good to see old friends from the Valle del Norte branch and I got to sit with my little recent convert, Yahaira, and her family. The Ramos family were the next door neighbors to the Trejo family who I taught for many months before they moved to Utah and got married and baptized there. The missionaries in Utah tell me that they have callings now and are preparing to be sealed this summer. It was crazy to think about the chain of events that caused everything to happen. The Trejos went to visit family in Utah and on their way back to New Mexico they stopped at a church visitors center. A sister missionary there opened her mouth and testified and it really touched them. She sent the referral info to Albuquerque and Hermana Cifuentes and I started teaching them exactly a year ago. Little does that one visitors center sister know that they have since been married, baptized and are preparing to go to the temple! And that now the next door neighbors who the Trejo family would invite to all of the church activities, have also been baptized and have their sights set on the temple! There is a power in just opening our mouths and talking to everyone and most of the time I don’t think we have a real grasp on what can be set in motion because of it.

Also Hermana Sinibaldi, mija, came down from Santa Fe with her greenie, mi nieta, and they got to be a part of the Ramos baptism because of her involvement in teaching them. I love that girl so much. It was really, really good to see her.