This past week I got a phone call from an old companion in El Paso. I was confused by why she would be calling and so shocked when she told me that she just wanted to let me know that she was at a baptismal service for Julio. I cried and danced around and honestly cannot remember the last time I’ve ever been that happy.

We started teaching Julio back at the beginning of the summer and he has been one of my all time favorite people that I’ve met out here. One of the hardest parts about leaving Montwood was leaving him and his girlfriend, Idarly. She’s a member of the church and one of the best people I know. Idarly introduced Julio to us and was a huge help in all of the lessons. She was the real missionary in all of it. When I left, Julio had come to the point where he knew everything he needed to know to be baptized, he had received answers to his prayers and he wanted to be baptized. All he had to do was just decide for himself when he felt right about going for it.

I’m so happy and so thankful to have had the opportunity to get to know Julio and Idarly, and to have gotten to play a small part in such an exciting time of their lives. He is so changed. He wasn’t ever a bad guy or a sad person– he was a awesome from the start, but it was really cool to see the light in him get brighter and brighter. He is on a good path, one that brings lasting peace and real happiness.

Mission life is the good life.