This week I took on Menudo (cow intestine soup) and came off conqueror in a battle with a massive black widow.

The past few days have been nothing short of adventurous! In the most recent transfer, I received news that I would be getting to stick around El Paso in the Montwood ward and that Hermana Johnson would be my new companion. Best thing ever! Hermana Johnson is a work horse and we are seeing so much success together. We’re also having a blast while we’re at it. We’re the sister training leaders for the zone, so we get to look out for 3 other sister companionships and conduct companionship exchanges with them. We’re loving it! This opportunity to serve so many other missionaries has really helped me to open my heart and look beyond my own worries and struggles. Mission life is so good. Every week definitely comes with a new round of curve balls, ie funky foods and aggressive spiders, but in all honestly there still is nothing better than getting to wear the little black name tag and turning it all over to the Lord.

Okay, so story time. The hermanas that live in the apartment below ours were sick for a few days this past week. We went down to bring them soup (chicken noodle, the cow intestine stuff happened later on) and check on how they were doing. We were standing in the doorway chatting when out of nowhere Hermana Johnson yanks me away, wraps me up into a boa constrictor hug and starts yelling, "THAT THING ALMOST ATE YOU!!!" I turned back in time to see this gigantic creature of a spider scuttle back up it’s web and away from where my head had been just moments before. The hermanas slammed their front door and communicated with us from then on through the window. We ran to the elders apartment and enlisted them to help exterminate the little beast. They grabbed a left over subway sandwich from the fridge, a bottle of mosquito spray, and a chancla (a mexican flip flop). We got back just in time to watch the spider retreat back into the inside of a light fixture. The elders did the best they could with what they had, but the night ended in a stale mate.

The next morning the hermanas accidentally locked themselves out. The main office still hadn’t opened and we couldn’t leave them out on the porch with the black widow still on the lose, so we rolled up our sleeves and put our locksmith skills to the test. Luckily my companion is a champ and with a credit card and a little elbow grease she was able to break her way in. But in the process of doing so, the black widow reared it’s ugly head and came out for another round of battle. While Hermana Johnson worked against the clock to get through the door, I did everything I could think of to keep the spider’s attention occupied. A few poorly aimed rocks served only to irritate the old widow, so I had to resort to other means. I quickly retrieved an old broom, and with a deep breath, I took my aim. She fought like a dragon, but with a chorus of girlish screams (supplied by the spectating hermanas) the spider’s fight was at last brought to a squished end. Parts of the guts still stand on display, as a warning to all other spiders in the complex.

I don’t know, but Hermana Johnson and I are thinking that we’ve done a pretty good job so far with building trust with the other missionaries. Their sister training leaders have got their backs.

As for the menudo, there’s not too much of a story there. Mostly I just prayed a lot for strength and went into survival mode. I’m becoming quite the stomach of steel spider slayer these days.

Love you guys! Have an awesome week!