Peace and Good Vibes

Last week I wrote you all about the #PrinceofPeace initiative and hopefully some of you have since taken me up on my challenge to share it with others. If not, there’s still time! My companion and I have been sharing it with anyone and everyone that we can. That has led to more than a few adventures and really touching experiences. His peace is so real.

This past week we were out on the streets, taking a minute to pause and figure out where to go next. Hermana Sinibaldi turned to me and asked, "do you hear that? Is that a ukulele?" Around the corner came a traveling pack of hippies that we soon learned call themselves the "Good Vibe Tribe." We struck up a conversation and got to know who they were and what they were all about. Some of them had been roaming the country for over a year, just hitch hiking and sight seeing and going where ever the wind blew them. We exchanged contact information and talked about how missionaries are kind of like a hippie of sorts in the sense that we are all about promoting peace. That invoked responses from the group such as "rad man, hippies for Jesus, I can dig that."

Don’t be afraid to share what you believe. Don’t hesitate to initiate spiritual conversations. Go out and share the #PrinceofPeace initiative, and you just might be surprised in who ends up being receptive to it. His peace is for all.